Bryan Boilers


Since 1916, Bryan Boilers has been a leader in boiler technology.  From their Flexible Water Tube design to the current FreeFlex offering a lifetime thermal shock warranty &  Variable-Primary or Primary/Secondary options.

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DeDietrich Boilers


DeDietrich GT Series Flexible Eutectic Cast Iron  Boiler line was introduced to the North American market in 1997.   Ten years later they were established in the North American condensing market with ECO models.

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Diversified Heat Transfer


With over 75 years of innovative, technology-driven experience,  "DHT"  is a leading engineering & manufacturing company for heat exchange equipment & systems.  From initial design to build, all aspects focus only on high quality, low cost  solutions.   

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Preferred Utilities


Preferred  Utilities Manufacturing Corporation is an engineering-based  manufacturer of products for commercial, institutional, industrial and  nuclear power facilities. 

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Established in 2007,  QuantumFlo  designs, manufacturers  the best packaged technologies to the pump systems market, including  Water Booster & Rain Water Harvesting. 

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 With a consolidated 90 years experience, Riello has successfully  exploited  efficiency  in all types of energy.  Superior technological innovation &  experience has allowed Riello a top name in today's heating market.  

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Other Products Available



Centrotherm Eco Systems lines include InnoFlue® Polypropylene Vent Systems, BlitzFlex®  air-intake systems & accessories.    With a wealth of experience & innovation,  Centrotherm is a leading name worldwide.    

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ComfortPro Systems


Offering customized SnowMelting Designs  with a wide selection of PEX  (A, C, AL & MultiLayer), ComfortPro's  proven systems including radiant ground systems for a variety of commercial applications.

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DuraVent, under the M&G name along with Security, is a leader in the venting industry offering 24 available product lines, including Al-Fuel, Relining, Gas & PolyPro, Special and Pressure Stack materials.  

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JJM Boilerworks


 JJM BoilerWorks' unique line of condensate neutrlizers  offers the best solution for treating the highly acidic condensate.  Both inline  tubes & tanks - 23 different  models to choose from. 

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Lockwood Products


  Lockwood Products designs &   manufactures  deaerators, boiler feed systems, condensate return  systems, vacuum &  heat recovery systems.  Many of their lines are leading OEM products today.   

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Security Systems Chimneys



Security's  expanding product lineup includes industrial-strength chimneys, all designed for Category I, II, III, and  IV heating boilers &  domestic water boilers.  Cat. II, III & IV chimneys are  laser-welded:  AL29-4C type SS. 

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